NCAAB Plays for 2/9

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nizral shampoo price merge I wanted to get this posted as early as I could tonight to give anyone who wanted to tail the time to do so. I wrestled with this card quite a bit and trimmed the fat to now have it at a place I’m very comfortable with. I truly do feel good about what I’ve got here and I hope the results fall into place. That said, here’s what I’m playing. To make life easier for anyone tailing I’ve also included the rotation number of each bet.

http://mslectures.com/96401-differin-prescription.html judge 608: Clemson (-2)
624: Mississippi State (+4)
648: Fordham (+2)
640: St. Bonaventure (+2.5)
682: Oklahoma (+1)
708: Baylor (-3)
702: Bowling Green (-1)
696: Nevada (-21)
699: Western Kentucky (+3.5)
714: Virginia (-2)
766: Arizona State (+1.5)

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