NCAAB Plays for 3/9

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Looks like a 1-1 night and surprise, surprise the loser was by one point. Shocking I know. Frustrating as hell to continuously keep losing these 50/50 coin flip type of games at nearly a 70% rate. Just getting to the point now where it’s bizarre on top of being a statistical anomaly. Anyways, we keep moving forward and jump into the Saturday card. No time for write ups as I wanted to make sure I got this out tonight, so it’s plays only. With as large as the Saturday slate is I included rotation numbers for those who choose to tail (or fade)… Good luck to you all


618: Auburn (+1.5)
612: Seton Hall (+2.5)
716: Nevada (-14)
610: Marquette (-10)
666: Temple (-1)
694: Boise State (-9.5) 


605/606: Notre Dame/Pittsburgh Ov 134
619/620: TCU/Texas Un 138
649/650: Michigan/Michigan State Un 135.5
697/698: Duke/North Carolina Un 165.5
671/672: USC/Colorado Ov 145

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